What is Vitamin Injection Therapy and How Does it Work for Weight Loss?

Vitamin injection therapy is the injection of nutrients directly into the body. I use it frequently to help support patients trying to lose weight. But how does it help? And how are its effects unique from say regular oral supplementation?

What is it?

Vitamin injection therapy is the injection of certain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for therapeutic benefits. The therapeutic nutrients are often injected into muscle or fat nutrients can also be injected into the vein directly. Although this is known as intravenous or IV therapy, we use the term vitamin injection therapy also known as vi T for a simple injection or shot into the muscle or fat, an IV therapy for intravenous injection into the vein.

Benefits over oral therapy.

Regardless of how these nutrients are injected, whether it be in the muscle, fat, or vein, the most significant benefit they have over simply consuming them is that the injection can achieve a much higher and more accurate level of these therapeutic nutrients in the bloodstream. When you eat a nutrient, it has to be absorbed through your gut, the gut does not simply allow anything through it since it also acts as a barrier preventing nasty things from getting into your bloodstream.

Rather, a meshwork of specific channels and receptors lie in your gut then determine the number of nutrients that can be absorbed and released into your bloodstream. These channels and receptors have a limit to the speed at which they can absorb nutrients, meaning that there’s only so much you can absorb from a consumed nutrient. And increasing the oral dose further won’t increase the amount absorbed much more.

Let’s take vitamin C as an example. If you were to take a moderate dose of about 100 milligrams, about 80% of it is absorbed into your bloodstream. However, if you were to take a dose of say 12 times that around 1200 milligrams, less than 50% of that are actually absorbed.

As you continue to take more orally, a smaller and smaller percentage of that vitamin C dose ends up absorbed, and a larger and larger amount ends up in your poop to the point where eating large doses of vitamin C supplements is known to cause diarrhea due to the huge amount of vitamin C left in the stools.

When you inject a nutrient. it bypasses these limitations and essentially 100% of the nutrient is absorbed into the bloodstream. This way, you can get therapeutic doses in the blood far beyond what is possible by mouth. There are more complexities to this comparison between injecting nutrients and orally supplementing them. But we won’t go into more details for the sake of keeping this video to the point.

How does it work?

I use vitamin injection therapy for a number of reasons to support those on weight loss diets.

By stimulating and supporting lipoysis

First, it can help stimulate and support lipolysis Les Paul says is the process by which your body releases the fat from your body. At burns. It has energy certain nutrients such as vitamin B 12. When injected at therapeutic doses, help to promote and support this whole process. These nutrients are known as lipotropics. As your body burns fatter, it will take steps to slow down this process by lowering your basal metabolic rate.

In other words, reducing your day-to-day energy consumption, kind of like turning down a thermostat in a house to save electricity. It does this because as you lose more weight, your body recognizes the precious stores of energy and fat are being depleted. It’s a natural reaction for your body to resist this depletion and this can cause your body to slow light pulses down leading to stalls or plateaus and your weight loss labeled tropic injections help encourage continued lipolysis and reduce stalling during your weight loss journey.

By supporting proper energy metabolism

Second, he can help improve and support proper energy metabolism. If your diet relies on restricting carbohydrates and consuming a substantial amount of protein or fat, like in the low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet, your body will need the additional nutrients to break down the food you eat to properly use as energy in your body.

This is because protein and fat use a different metabolic pathway than carbohydrates to break down into energy. And these different metabolic pathways require different nutrients to work properly. injecting these nutrients can help promote these pathways and ensure the pathways are breaking down the food you eat to provide the energy you need.

By boosting energy and reducing hunger

Third, it can help boost energy and reduce hunger. As you implement a dietary weight loss protocol. It’s not uncommon to feel extra fatigued or hungry, especially as you first start out nutritional deficiencies from dieting is a common cause of excessive fatigue and hunger. A rapid infusion of nutrients like vitamin injection therapy can quickly reverse these deficiencies and sometimes provide a quick boost of energy and reduction in hunger.

What’s inside?

Vitamin injection therapy protocols use only different types of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, no medications or drugs are used. The specifics depend on the individual and what medical conditions challenges or goals they may have. But in general, I’ll combine labeled trophic nutrients with other supporting nutrients to achieve three major points to stimulate lipolysis to support energy metabolism, and to help improve energy and reduce hunger.

Side effects.

As with any injection, there’s a possibility of soreness, bruising, and bleeding near the injection site. There’s also the risk of redness swelling or tenderness if the injection site was not cleaned properly. much rarer risks include abscesses, septicemia, and nerve damage. Generally, these nutrients are relatively safe to use in most people.

However, the high therapeutic dose used in some of these nutrients can make it unsuitable for some individuals. We thoroughly screened our patients for safety before starting vitamin injection therapy. And if you do decide to start vitamin injection therapy or IV therapy, it will be very important to be screened by a clinician

Should you do it?

It depends on what kinds of issues you experienced while on your weight loss diet. If you find that weight loss frequently stalls and your body struggles to burn fat continually. Vitamin injection therapy may help stimulate increased light pulses, and sometimes helps to kickstart weight loss if the dietary protocol you’ve chosen is more restrictive or tends toward the extreme like you might see in a vegan diet, which is no animal products. a ketogenic diet which is high fat, or any low carbohydrate diet.

Vitamin injection therapy helps ensure your body’s ability to function well and properly metabolizes the food you eat. If you’re feeling fatigued or hungry on your weight loss protocol, it may help give you a quick boost of energy. Although I would recommend you implement the injections with lifestyle and dietary changes to help manage hunger more permanently. As with any weight loss aid, it should always be used as a part of a proper weight loss protocol to utilize the best effects of vitamin injection therapy

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