Why Does Rib Gripping Have Such an Effect on the Mummy Coach?

Rib gripping. What is it?

So let’s talk about Rib gripping is so common, and it often happens where there is a higher engagement in the upper abdominals. And there’s almost a tightness in the muscles in the fascia in this area, which then often leads to a mummy poach or less activation in the lower abdominals.

So when you’re talking about this area, often people will engage up here, and then there’s nothing low. A lot of that comes from poor posture. So sitting or standing, maybe not so much as bad as this, but similar, where there’s this contraction here, and then nothing here.

The same thing for moms, you know, I know I’m obviously going through this at the moment with a toddler, and you end up holding their hands as you’re walking through and you end up in this bent-over position, you end up bending forward for everything that they need. And it ends up being that you’re here rather than being lengthened. And here.

So when you’re doing your activation.

It’s really important to try to connect through the first pelvic floor and then an activation through the deeper abdominals starting from the base. So I’ll go through this with you now. So take a breath in. As you exhale, it’s an engagement through the pelvic floor, and then a gentle wrap and engagement through the torso, and then let it go.

Now, if you’re over activating through your upper abdominals, or there’s like this rib gripping where there’s that almost tucked under, that’s where you need to do a little bit of release work through this area. So that can be through the Maya fascia balls, or even foam roller, doing some massage, maybe getting a massage with a healthcare professional that specializes in this, and just trying to release through this area.

The other really key thing that you can do to help is focused on your diaphragmatic breathing. So this is where you’re working with a breath in, letting everything expand, and then exhale, letting everything relax, so you’re not engaging anything. So you breathe in and out.

So really trying to do at least 5 to 10 diaphragmatic.

Slow breath to help expand everything. Because with the rib gripping A lot of it can come from tension or stress that we’re holding on to. So if you’re finding that you’re not getting many activations through your alarm dominoes, but you’ve got a lot of definition more so in these upper abdominals, this could be what’s happening for you. So big focus here is to release through this area.

Deep breathing

So doing some nice deep breathing, maybe some gentle massage, and some release, work through myofascial balls or foam roller, and really focusing on your deep connection from the pelvic floor and the base when you’re doing your core activation, rather than just naturally engaging and being more up here.

Okay. Hopefully, that helps you and if this is happening to you, then touch base, let me know, ask questions. I’m here to help. If you’ve got questions, put them in the comments below. I’ll happily answer them for you.

If you’ve got suggestions, what topics you want to be covered, again, put them in the comments below. And I will certainly cover them got that unwanted post-baby tummy wants to get back into shape and have some me-time need to heal abdominal separation or pelvic floor dysfunction. The Miko rehab program is exactly what you need. Visit break active calmly and join our break active community of mamas just like you today.

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